Having a Panic Attack at School

I can still recall the very first time I actually had an anxiety attack. It turned out to be while I was a senior in High School. All of a sudden I started to get really paranoid that something bad was going to happen. My instructors were completely in the dark by what was happening so they had to call my parents. My parents came to the school and took me to the family doctor. The family doctor told my parents and me that I was having a panic attack. He gave me a book on how to stop panic attacks and also some medicine that I should take. After reading the recommended books that he gave me I learned some methods to control my anxiety. It took about a couple of months before I was almost completely free on panic attacks. I may have one or two or year, but that is a major improvement from what it used to be. I know help one of my friends who has panic attacks and I am starting to see improvement in her as well. I am just happy to know that one can overcome a panic attack. It doesn’t have to be something that takes over your life.   
My Friend Had A Panic Attack

Now that I am in college, I have seen quite a few things in life. Yesterday was the first day I experienced my friend having a panic attack. It was a scary experience, I must say. It was doing the middle of a lecture, so I helped her out of the classroom. I then called her mom to see what was going on. Her mom told me that she must be having a panic attack and that I should look for the pills in her purse. I was able to find the pill and give them to my friend. She then calmed down and was able to go back inside class. After class I asked her how has she been having panic attacks. She said that she had them since she was a small child but doesn’t really get them that much. I then started to study ways on how to stop panic attacks. There are many books and videos online that I found very useful. One book that I found was called Panic Away. It teaches some holistic ways to dealing with panic attacks. I eventually bought it and gave it to my friend to read as well. She has been looking for ways to handle her panic attacks without having to use pills.

Saw My Dad Have a Panic Attack

I can remember the first time I seen my dad have a panic attack. It was when we took a family trip to Disney World. As the family was about to ride a roller coaster, my dad started to have a panic attack. My mother would tell me that my dad would get panic attacks, but I just never seen him have on in person before. This is because he usually never gets them. My mom was there so she took everything under control. She just took him out of line and gave him the pills the doctor gave him for such cases. He was then fine and was able to enjoy are family vacation. After we got back home from the 12 hour drive from Disney World, I headed straight to my computer to get some information on how to stop panic attacks. I wanted to be prepared to help my dad in case he was to have another one. I decided to buy a book from the Amazon site that received a lot of good reviews. I read the 200 page book in about three days and took some notes. I am pretty positive now that I can help my dad out  when he has another panic attack.   


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